Hiring a professional arborist to take care of the trees surrounding your home is essential if you want to protect your house, family, and neighbourhood from the dangers of unkept stumps, roots, and branches.

Did we mention it’s great for the trees themselves and pays you back to boot?

Proper care is an investment that leads to big dividends quickly. Trees that are properly doctored by Rock’s dashing team of team surgeons will add value to your property and surroundings.

Here’s why you should hire a certified tree care specialist. Never make this decision lightly!

Fun Fact: did you know that a tree can lift 100 gallons of water out of the ground and discharge into the air in just a single day?

#1) Tree care is dangerous work

Don’t let the smiles of Rock’s tree specialists fool you, we know this is dangerous work. Even the simplest tasks start to take on extreme risk when you’re 15 meters in the air!

Hiring a tree care specialist is essential for safety. One wrong move can result in severe damage to your home or business, or worse, send you toppling out of the heights to the ground below!

#2) Tree care provides BIG returns to homeowners

Think trimming the leaves, pruning the limbs, or investing a bit of money in making your lawn look nice is just to impress the neighbours? It isn’t. Tree care is an investment that pays back big time. Here are two ways:

Landscaping improves curb appeal – realtors recommend homeowners trying to sell to invest upwards of 10% of the home’s value into landscaping projects. The more inviting a home is from the outside the more willing a prospective buyer is to be convinced subconsciously to buy. Statistics vary, but some sellers have seen massive returns!

Tree care saves you money on cooling costs – ah, some leafy shade. Few things are better than nestling yourself under a shady tree and getting back to the basics. Aside from just making a great spot to relax on a beautiful summer day, shade from trees has a cooling effect stronger than most ACs. You can greatly reduce cooling costs in summer with great tree care.

Big savings: shaded surfaces can be 11-25 degrees Celsius cooler than those in the sun. No need to keep that AC kicking all day long when you’ve got trees in your yard!

#3) Beautiful greens make consumers buy

No, it’s not some strange hypnotic trick that trees play on people. It’s most likely the calming nature of greens and the fact that consumers equate quality with proper landscaping. Greening up your storefront and caring for the trees and gardens along the street increases consumer willingness to spend by 12%. Ever wonder why the world’s ritzy shopping streets are lined with neatly-trimmed trees? Now you know! Tree care for businesses really works.

Caring for the trees in your yard or in front of your business is vital not just for safety but also for increasing value. Investing in your landscape can pay back dividends and reduces the risk of damage or injury to people and structures. That’s why you need to hire certified tree care specialists like the precision tree surgeons at Rock’s Tree Service! Find out why we are Ottawa’s favourite arborists.