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Safer Homes and Neighborhoods

A dead and diseased tree represents a safety hazard. With proper maintenance from our tree care specialists, we can rectify the situation.


Better Shade

Trimming branches keeps trees healthy and maintains a comfortable temperature for your home, regardless of the season.


Stunning Natural Beauty

Nothing puts an accent on a beautiful neighbourhood like a series of gorgeous, leafy tree-lined streets—the healthier, the better!

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    Ottawa’s Trusted Certified Arborists

    Our commercial and residential tree services are backed by more than 15 years of experience in the Capital Region. Our dedicated Ottawa tree surgeons (also referred to as arborists or tree experts) are all highly trained by Arboriculture Canada. Their focus is not only on maintaining the natural beauty of our city, but on promoting the safety and integrity of your property as well.

    After all, the last thing any homeowner should have to worry about during an operation on their yard is the tree service team’s level of professionalism. A Rock’s tree care specialist will have you relaxed and resting easy, as we’re fully licensed, insured and ready to take on any challenge!

    BEST tree services in Ottawa

    Plenty of people can cut trees, but there are few that can match the passion and expertise you’ll find in our Ottawa tree surgeons. We are the tree removal specialist in Ottawa. But with a deep history of customer satisfaction in the local area, Rock’s is more than just another tree removal company. Our combination of professional equipment, experience, and dedication to customer service has separated us from the competition.

    The Rock’s difference is based on a few key points:

    Our certified arborists in Ottawa are trained by Arboriculture Canada, which means they know exactly what to do to keep your property safe and healthy.

    Our company is fully licensed and insured, and all of our employees are covered under comprehensive Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) policies.

    Our commitment to customer service is unmatched. We even offer certified arborist consultations to curious homeowners upon request. We help them understand what trees are in their yards, their general health level, and strategies to make them look their best now and for years to come.

    We have decades of combined experience in the industry, as well as the knowledge and equipment to handle any size job.


    The Emerald Ash Borer is a huge problem for trees in the National Capital Region. This non-native and very destructive beetle has killed millions of ash trees in both Ontario and the United States, posing a major environmental and economic threat. By disrupting a tree’s natural circulation of water and nutrients, the presence of just a few ash borers can kill an ash tree.The only solution is to treat the trees with insecticide or remove and replace them.

    Learn more about tree protection from the destructive nature of the Ash Borer Beetle, the Forest Tent Caterpillar, as well as other important tree protection information here. You’ll also find important tips on how to go about determining the ownership of a tree, reporting trees in poor health, how to get a distinctive tree permit, and more.

    Need Access to Your Neighbour’s Yard?

    To safely maintain your yard or work on trees on your property, you’ll need help from your neighbour on certain occasions. You may need to temporarily cut power for safety reasons or gain access to your neighbour’s backyard or driveway for our employees to do their work.

    Getting permission from your neighbour is always a good idea if you want to avoid possible complications down the road. Contact us for access to the forms.

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    Every year, our homes and properties face potential damage from weather-related events. This is especially true for Canadians where winters can be difficult. Luckily, Rock’s Tree Service has emergency 24-hour service, and can take care of any type of storm damage, whether you’ve been hit by freezing rain, heavy snow, high winds, or even a tornado.

    If you have a tree on your Ottawa property that needs to be stabilized, we can save it and help it grow properly in the future with our cabling and bracing services. From tree planting to crane services, the tree experts at Rock’s Tree Service have access to the knowledge and equipment to tackle any job.

    About Us

    Keep Your Property Safe and Beautiful with Ottawa Tree Trimming and Certified Arborist Expertise

    Do you need fast, professional, and reliable tree services in the Ottawa area? If so, Rock’s Tree Service is the company for you. Our experts serve the entire Ottawa region and surrounding area with quick, affordable, and fully-insured tree services that will keep both your property and the whole neighbourhood looking beautiful, all while keeping you and your loved ones safe from falling limbs!

    Need help?

    If you live in the Ottawa region and are in need of emergency tree removal services, stump grinding, tree pruning or hedge trimming, land clearing or help dealing with the Emerald Ash Borer, then we’re the business for you. Contact Rock’s Tree Service today!

    Our highly trained and polite crews will quickly and efficiently address any issues you have, helping to keep your property safe and well-maintained.


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