Trees are a vital part of our neighborhoods, cities, and ecosystem. These tall, leafy plants give us oxygen to breathe, store carbon, stabilize the soil, and provide sustenance for a great deal of the world’s wildlife. As a homeowner, your trees add value to your property, shade your home from the sun, and give a beautiful, positive vibe to whole lawn. But did you know that the benefits of maintaining your trees were more than just aesthetic?

Here are three financial benefits of regular tree trimming and pruning that go beyond just making your home look great.

Keep your gutters clean with tree trimming services

Trimming your trees helps promote tree health, discouraging the development of weak branches and eliminating dead limbs. It can also improve your view out the window and save people from the dangers of falling limbs. One great benefit that most homeowners overlook is that trimming back the limbs also leads to cleaner gutters. Debris from trees often gets into the gutters, putting your drainage system and roof at risk and making your weekend chores a bit harder. Keep the branches away from the roof, and you’ll have much cleaner, happier gutters.

Protect your roof from limb damage

Contractors recommend that you trim branches that come within six feet your roof. This will not only protect you from damage from falling limbs and wild, whipping branches during powerful storms, it will also prevent animals from jumping off of branches and scampering onto your roof looking for a spot to nest in your home. You’ll save yourself from expensive repairs and extend the life of your roof.

Save on cooling costs with tree maintenance

According to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, strategically placed trees can save you up to 56% on cooling costs throughout the year. Maintaining a steady temperature in the home becomes easier when natural shade blocks the hot sunlight. It’s important to strike a balance, though. Pruning the branches of your trees allows you to control the level of shade, helping to give you both vibrant natural lighting and the cooling benefits of branches and leaves.

Caring for your trees goes beyond just keeping your family safe and improving the look of your property. Hiring professional to maintain your trees has concrete financial benefits, too. If you’re thinking about hiring professional tree care specialists, don’t forget these three financial benefits of trees, and definitely don’t forget !