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Rock’s Tree Service’s Efforts Towards the Ash Tree

Your favourite Ottawa tree removal company has joined the South Nation Conservation’s (SNC) grant program designed to remove and replace ash trees that have been affected by the pest known as the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). The SNC is working in partnership with the city of Ottawa, who has extended a helping hand to its [...]

Rock’s Tree Service’s Efforts Towards the Ash Tree2020-12-03T12:12:22-05:00

How Types of Storms Affect Trees

When it rains, trees provide many benefits for the landscape and neighbourhood. Their leaves manage runoff and prevent erosion while their roots allow for good infiltration. Storms, in general, are advantageous for the environment, but when they turn violent, they can have negative impacts on trees. Rain Storms Trees have an intricate root system that is [...]

How Types of Storms Affect Trees2020-12-03T12:15:05-05:00

Rated Ottawa’s Top Choice for Tree Removal

Rock’s Tree Service is celebrating being chosen as one of the top three tree services in Ottawa, Ontario by Three Best Rated®! Three Best Rated® finds the top three local businesses, professionals, restaurants, and health care providers in cities so locals can be made aware of highly recommended services in their area. Quality customer service, [...]

Rated Ottawa’s Top Choice for Tree Removal2020-12-03T12:15:27-05:00

The Benefits of Urban Forestry

Many local communities have created landscaping mandates that require developers to add trees and brush to areas of new development. Although we understand that landscaping increases a neighbourhood’s aesthetic appeal, are there other benefits? Urban forestry is defined as the management of trees in an urban setting to improve an urban environment.  Beyond increasing the [...]

The Benefits of Urban Forestry2020-12-03T12:10:25-05:00

Spring Into Action to Prepare Your Trees for The Season

Show your yard a little TLC for the coming spring! Your Ottawa trees are robust plants, but they still need maintenance. By following these simple tips, you’ll have lush, healthy trees that will be the envy of the neighborhood! Out with the Old Clearing away litter, branches, and leaves that have been trapped under the [...]

Spring Into Action to Prepare Your Trees for The Season2019-08-12T06:49:57-04:00

How to Safely Take Care of Your Trees After Ice Damage

Throughout our Canadian seasons, trees endure a lot: drought, harsh winds, snow storms, scorching heat, heavy rains, and ice. In the winter, trees can suffer ice damage, which can cause branches and even entire trunks to snap off. If your area has just been hit with an ice storm and the trees on your property [...]

How to Safely Take Care of Your Trees After Ice Damage2020-12-03T12:12:53-05:00

Common Maple Tree Disease

When you walk into a Canadian gift shop, you can expect to finds some of the following: red plaid shirts, little statues of beavers and bears, fake snow, mini hockey sticks, and key chains filled with red and white glitter. Perhaps one of the most prominent items in any Canadian gift shop is the bright [...]

Common Maple Tree Disease2019-08-12T06:51:07-04:00

5 Reasons Why You Should Remove Backyard Stumps

Stumps are like the gravestones of a tree. They represent a long life, preserved in the rings of their flesh. Although you may be hanging on to your dear stumps for the memory of the tree that once was, backyard stumps can be troublesome, and even dangerous. Here are some reasons why you should hire [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Remove Backyard Stumps2019-08-12T06:51:55-04:00

Signs Your Tree Needs Trimming

Trees play different roles throughout our lives. As children, we climb them and swing from their limbs. As adults, we strategically place them in our yards to add beauty and lushness to our lawn. One of the most beautiful accents to any yard (whether it is for the children or the adults) is a big, [...]

Signs Your Tree Needs Trimming2019-08-12T06:52:38-04:00

Signs Your Tree May Be Sick

The ancient tree, twisted and knotted, with a perfect cozy home for a wise old owl, is an enduring image—and for good reason. The most prominent feature in any yard, your property’s tree can really feel like a part of not just the landscape, but of your home and family. However, some of these “classic” [...]

Signs Your Tree May Be Sick2019-08-12T06:53:13-04:00