Trees play different roles throughout our lives. As children, we climb them and swing from their limbs. As adults, we strategically place them in our yards to add beauty and lushness to our lawn.

One of the most beautiful accents to any yard (whether it is for the children or the adults) is a big, beautiful, healthy tree. To keep your tree growing and strong, it’s important to prune it properly and at the right time.

Here are some signs your tree might be in need of a trim:

Cracks and Grooves
A deep crack or groove in the bark of your tree is not a good sign. It means your tree is sick or dying. To stop the spread of infection, it’s important to remove all diseased parts of the tree.

Broken Branches
In Canada, we’re subject to all sorts of wild weather. With winter approaching, it’s important to keep an eye on our trees for things like loose of broken branches. They pose a hazard to you and your family and can cause a mess on your lawn.

Missing leaves, discolouration, or deteriorating bark are all signs your tree might be infected. Call Rock’s Tree Service to determine how to keep your tree healthy.

In the city, structures like fences, posts, and electrical wires can get in the way of your trees, causing the branches to rub and damage the bark. This type of unintended interference can also occur when two trees grow into each other. If left unattended, this damage can rot and spread to other parts of the tree.

Casting Excessive Shadow on Other Plants
If your tree hovers above a garden or a window, you may find it causes too much shade after a certain period of time. To keep other flowering plants and vegetables healthy and growing, ensure they have enough access to sunlight.

Dead Branches
Just because a branch is attached to your tree doesn’t mean it’s alive. Some branches hang on for months before falling off on their own or killing the rest of the tree. Without proper pruning, your tree is at risk of decaying completely.

Excessive Greenery
This might actually be a sign that your tree is in good health. A good rule of thumb: if you can’t see through the branches, your tree is likely too thick and needs to be pruned.

Wandering Branches
Some trees like to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, these stray branches can be hazardous. In some situations, stray branches can cause uneven weight distribution in the tree, putting unnecessary pressure on the trunk.

If you have any questions about tree health or pruning, the professionals at Rock’s Tree Service can help. Contact us today for a consultation.