Tree Surgeons and Arborist in Cornwall, Ontario

Rock’s Tree Service is listed as one of the top 3 services in Ottawa. Our services promise to fulfill three very important goals. First is safer homes and neighborhoods. Our care and maintenance services help to rectify the situation of safety hazard caused by dead and deceased trees as well as falling limbs. Second is our services provide for better shade. When tree branches are trimmed regularly it keeps the trees healthy and helps maintain a comfortable temperature in your homes throughout every season. Our services ensure stunning natural beauty. Healthier and perfectly trimmed trees makes for the perfect accent on a neighborhood. We offer a range of professional tree services. We offer tree removal service wherein our professionals are gentle in removing your trees whether your property is too crowded or you have a felled tree. We offer stump grinding services which is necessary to avoid injuries and the beginnings of a new tree. We have trimming and pruning service as we believe that a well-groomed lawn adds curb appeal, improves the environment of a community and helps keep trees healthy. Get the aesthetic appeal back to your property for a neat and clean look with our hedge trimming service. Protect your ash trees from the emerald ash-borer which is a highly destructive wood-boring beetle. Clear the land and make natural paths for your convenience with our land clearing service whether for erecting a building or simply to provide a little organization in nature’s chaos.

Our Cornwall tree experts carry 15+ long years of experience and dedication to the Capital Region in providing both commercial and residential service. Our professional specialists are certified arborist. They are dedicated towards maintaining the natural flora and fauna as well as the safety and integrity of your property. The market is filled with people who can cut trees. But we come under the select few in Cornwall tree care service who are dedicated and passionate and who carry a long history of customer satisfaction in the area of Ontario Cornwall. We are not just another tree felling service. Our years of experience in the field combined with our professionalism is what makes us stand apart. Since our employees are trained under Arboriculture Canada they’re highly skilled in keeping your trees and property safe and healthy. We go beyond just professional service. We offer customer service wherein we provide free consultations if you want to know what trees are in your backyard or if they’re healthy enough or maybe they need some chipping. Our company carries decades of experience in the business making us capable of handling a job of any size. After 10,000+ satisfied customers, 50+ years of experience, 9 employees and 2 awards for best tree service later we are a power to recon with. Call us on our phone number 613-725-7644 or send a mail on to know the estimates of our service price for your job.